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Many art works, cookbooks, food, gifts, and toiletries in the house are made by people we know and love.  This is what make this place feel like home! Welcome home, and let me introduce you to this artistic, diverse and nature loving community.


Deborah Hide-Bayne 

Coromandel art; writer; artist; costal



Writer, photographer and artist.  Originally from the United Kingdom, who now calls beautiful New Zealand home. Her second cookbook ‘Coastal’ is available for you to enjoy in the house.  Get some inspiration for your coastal table!

"This is life lived simply and joyfully - the story of building a dream home and a fresh start with enjoyable detours on the way into making or doing things for yourself: art and craft projects, collecting seafood, making a vegetable garden and growing your own veggies, planting an orchard, smoking a fish, making sausages and an abundance of other projects, large and small."  ----  Coastal 

To see more artwork, recipes and stories about life here on The Coromandel, please visit:



Caitlin Moloney 

ceramic; art; coromandel art


Ceramic artist; Originally from Australia but happily nestled in Coromandel for more than a decade.  The toughest question an artist has to answer is probably "who am I?!"  As a friend, I'm so happy to see that this question is getting clearer and happier over the years for Caitlin.  She is ready to shine!

Visit her website for more artworks and her beautiful collections of ceramic earrings!



Papa Aroha Organics

Organic vegetable;Papa Aroha


Our DNA is organic. Our food should be too!  It simply make sense, right?!

In Idle Pursuits, we use vegetable, bread and jams grown or made locally, adding passion and care. Let us know if you would like to order some for your stay!  


Fair + Square

vegan soap


In fashion, they say: "The devil is in the detail."  Same in life!  Why give up all the little moments when you can enjoy a wonderful sense of smell, pureness from natural ingredients, a product that is filled with the love and passion of the makers?  This is why we chose Fair + Square for you.

Fair + Square is good for your body, and good for the planet. Made with natural essential oils and not a synthetic nasty in sight, their square blocks of soap gold are filled with nothing but pure goodness.

There is a wide range of products on their website.  Check it out!





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