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Let's go sailing!

Sailing yachting coromandel

Spending a day on the yacht with family and friends, soaking in the sun, exploring the private islands, fishing, kayaking, lying on beaches which only have you are just fabulous!

Yacht; sailing; coromandel

The best is that you don't need to travel hours to get to the boat!  Hannaford's Wharf is just 15 mins away.  AND you don't need to sail hours to reach anywhere!  There are many islands and private beaches just right around Hannaford's Wharf!  You hardly need to leave the Coromandel Harbor! 

Long bay; Coromandel; Idle Pursuits

My personal favorite is Woolshed Bay of Wanganui Island.  The hill behind it looks very steep but is actually very easy and fun to climb, a little fun trip for anyone from 5 - 75 years old! :) The view at the top is breathtaking.  

Diving; Coromandel; Goat Island

Scallop; Fishing; Coromandel

The recreational scallop fishing season begins on 1 September and closes on 31 March. Many locals have their own secret spots.  But Goat Island is one of the most known places to collect your own.  Nothing beats the freshness of a fat juicy scallop straight out of water, with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, lying on a private beach with only nature and the songs of waves.  

yachting; holiday; coromandel

Enjoy the summer in Coromandel!

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